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Designer kitchen is actually a set of cabinets and fixtures combines in such a well organized and in planned / functional manner so that one can find their tasks much easier if we compare a modern kitchen with a traditional kitchen. These are designed specially for each individual keeping their requirement and space availability in their kitchen area.

As on today various options are available for shutter colors and design. Be it a laminated shutter, membrane shutters, high gloss shutters, polyurethane shutters and much more as per customer selection. Before starting any process a proper 3d design to be made by a designer keeping customer requirement on top. After the approval of drawing with proper dimensions and line drawings, cabinets will be made, experts will install the cabinets as per the drawing with kitchen appliances as required by you.

Regular features for customized kitchens are:
• Cabinets
• Drawers
• Cooker Hood / Chimney
• Built-in-Hob
• Built-in-Refrigerator
• Built-in-Dishwasher
• Built-in-Cooking Range
• Built-in-Microwave
• Sink
• Built-in-Waste Bin

The components that make your kitchen as “luxury kitchen” will cover the floor and wall part of the kitchen to install kitchen cabinets. Apart from this some customer asks for separate table like unit for placing electrical appliances such as juicer, mixer, grinder etc. As per customer demand mobile electrical switches can also be fitted with kitchen cabinets.

Material quality and type for modular kitchen might differ, normally at Wood logy we use plywood with laminates, however, as per customer demand for cost cutting or there are such design on shutters are available which can only be crafted on MDF instead of plywood. Apart from plywood and mdf there are other options also available such as particle board, and some cheap board (which we never suggest to our customer for quality issues) or aluminium shutters as well.

  • Single Wall Modular Kitchen

    Normally a “standard” kitchen design is something where a kitchen triangle is formed in kitchens, which aloow the cook to walk around from hob to fridge, fridge to sink and than again sink to hob. Apart from this basic design even one more basic design is available which also form a work triangle and called as single wall modular kitchen.

    Definition of Single Wall Kitchen Design

    In this type of design all the cabinetry work which includes base units and wall units are mount on a single kitchen. Infact, the working triangle also form on this wall only. All the appliances are arrange in such a manner which installs on a single wall. Major appliances such as hob, built-in-oven, buit-in-microwave, fridge are also install on a single wall.

    Typically, such type of design requires atleast 9 feet (in case of less space than all appliancces are subject to the availibility of the space). Due to limitation of space, the arrangement of the appliances and wok zones doesnt really matter while installing the appliances for single wall design.

  • Parallel Wall Modular Kitchen

    The parallel shape modular kitchen also recognized as the passageway style of kitchen, in this design you can have your appliances, cabinets and sink on two parallel walls to make a minute way between two sets of cabinets in your kitchen. It is simple to arrange a well-organized work triangle in parallel shape kitchen design; however, this design truly caters to one cook. Parallel shape modular kitchen design is primarily the product of requirement. This type of design frequently adapted where the apartment size is small, so that by implementing parallel shape modular kitchen design will help in space for other rooms.

    Allow 48 inches of aisle after installation of all the appliances and cabinet’s one can easily open the doors of cabinets and other appliances. If possible try avoiding the main appliances directly opposite to each other. This will create chaos if two people want to use both of those two appliances. As far as storage is concerned in parallel shape modular kitchen, it’s really a challenge to find that. To resolve the storage issue tall units can be place that extend to the maximum.

    Benefit’s of Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen:

    • Easily arrange cabinet counters on both sides of walls facing each other by keeping a decent size of aisle between these       two cabinetries.
    • Well-organized design for a small to medium size of kitchens.
    • This design put aside steps and creates sense where food preparation is priority over entertainment.
    • Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen is a BEST choice of top chefs.

  • L-Shape Modular Kitchen

    If there is a discussion about standard layout for kitchens then this is the segment which comes to work around. The L Shape modular Kitchen interior design is one of the popular and versatile design to install appliances.

    This is the design where you can get separate work area’s / segments as per your need. L Shaped Modular Kitchen Interior Design is the one in which two adjacent walls perpendicular to each other.

    L Shaped Modular Kitchen Interior Design benefits.

    • Great space at corner where you can get Magic Corners installed.
    • Well-organized design for a small to medium size of kitchens.
    • L Shape modular kitchen can be fit to any length.
    • In this design you can easily bifurcates the kitchen into multiple work zones.
    • Eating space can easily be installed to this type of design.

  • U-Shape Modular Kitchen

    With well-organized working triangle, a U Shaped modular kitchen offer an ideal layout for your kitchen. The space among three walls are designed in such a way so one can bifurcate their tasks properly such as area for cooking, another wall where you can place your kitchen appliances as per your requirement and work zone for dish washing.

    U Shape modular kitchen is a design where two people can work freely without disturbing their working zones because of availability of plenty of area to walk around. U Shaped modular kitchen is also good for storage as this type of design have lots of space to work around with the accessories and appliances.

    U Shaped Modular Kitchen Interior Design benefits:

    • Corners where you can install Magic Corners and Carousels.
    • Efficient space to install your appliances and accessories.
    • Can easily maintain kitchen into different work zones.
    • No through passage to interrupt the work zones.
    • Lots of space where you can get designer table and chairs within the kitchen.
    • Island unit can also be installed depending on space in centre of the kitchen.

  • G-Shape Modular Kitchen

    G shaped Modular Kitchen Design is a hybrid version of U Shape Modular Kitchen. G Shape is basically an extension of fourth leg to a U Shape Kitchen Design in the form of peninsular. G Shape Kitchen design is the layouts where more than one person can easily cook and walk around in other part of the kitchen and an added feature to G Shape kitchen with an Island make this design more and powerful design in comparison with other type of kitchen design.

    G Shape kitchen design is typically dedicated to storage area, counters and provides more space to special appliances such as Deep Fryer, In-built-Refrigerator, Warming drawers, Barbe-cue and other amenities which will offer much freedom among two work areas as possible.

    Key features of a G-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design:

    • Perfect design for large family requires extra space in kitchen.
    • Ample storage and counter space for utensils and cooking.
    • More than one cook can function better in this type of kitchen design.
    • Offer great space for kitchen amenities.
    • Island can be an added advantage in this type of kitchen layout.

  • Island Modular Kitchen

    There is a potential for huge storage, functionality and display in each kitchen. The depressing fact of a kitchen is, all kitchens don’t offer enough of these features. Island Kitchen is one way to get good space for storage and functionality and apart of this Island Kitchen looks real beautiful in the center of your kitchen. From a moving Island to sitting area along with Island, adding amenity is an added feature. Following are few features of an Island Kitchen.

    • An Island kitchen offer an additional storage to cabinetry: In case your kitchen is short of storage area, an Island kitchen will certainly solve this issue and help you greatly by adding up more kitchen storage space. With additional cabinets you can get more drawers, pull out units, magic corners and cabinets, Island act as an extension to your existing kitchen cabinets. Island also provides lots of space for recycling bins, because it doesn’t get in the way of main cooking area at all.

    • Island kitchen is wonderful for kids: Be it a homework time for kids or they wanted to help you while making food. Island kitchen give them an opportunity to feel a part of the action and apart from this your kids will be in close eye view. Another great option of Island Kitchen is to place kid’s height kitchen amenities such as microwave, built-in-hob, and refrigerator in reach of your kids.

    • Extra Seating Space is really important: An Island Kitchen can as a casual dining space for kids or it can be used as an extra seating space while entertaining. Having a chat with your relatives, guests or with your family members while you cook is always an advantage at the time of preparing meal for your family members. In case your kitchen is not big enough to get an Island installed in your kitchen then you can have a tiny counter addition into the neighboring room can act as an island.

    • Mobile Island Kitchen adds flexibility: If you need some extra space and on the other hand you need some more floor space then you can easily move your Island to other part of the kitchen. In fact if you and your friends want to cook together then you can move your Island Kitchen with counters. Mobile Kitchen is perfect for small kitchen as you can easily move them to take full utilization of space and your cook area.

    Apart from these features you can place additional kitchen amenities, for larger kitchens you can have a separate sink with a chopping board where you can easily wash and cut vegetables and other things. With island you can have more baskets and drawers in which you can easily place handy and most important utensils and cutleries as well. There is in no way one can say Island Kitchens are just for show, the are best in class and you get more n more space for amenities and lots of storage area.

  • Modular Kitchen Material

    We deal in Retail for modular kitchen material

    • Telescopic channel
    • Hinges
    • All types of baskets
    • Magic corners
    • All types of shutters
    • All types chimney & hubs
    • Modular ovens